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The performance and versatility of this oil additive belong to the absolute top segment in lubrication.


DiTOIL® additive 2901 is 100% composed of petroleum and petrochemical substances. This additive gives unprecedented high lubricating properties. In combination with the oils present this product creates a permanent strong adhesive oil film layer. That gives significant reduction in mechanical friction and benefits such as: less wear, less heat, less energy loss, improved fuel economy (up to 12%), more power output and extending the oil quality. DiTOIL® additive 2901 extends the life of your equipment, improves performance and minimizes maintenance. This product fits perfectly in an environmental responsible and sustainable use of engines and machines.

DiTOIL® additive 2901is a 100% Oil Additive and contains no solids which clogs or other adverse consequences for oil systems. Immediately after mixing with the oil is the product one substance and has no thickening or sagging phenomena.


Lubricants are yet to be fully understood as it is going to pick up environmental objectives. However DiTOIL® additive 2901 fits perfectly in a sustainable and environmentally friendly use of engines and machines. By DiTOIL’s intensive research and development, all products have a positive impact on energy consumption, maintenance frequency and lifetime. Additionally resulted in less friction and reduces noise

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Significant improvement (and lifetime) of oil quality
  • Retaining existing oil properties
  • Retaining lubrication under extreme conditions
  • Proven increase of machine efficiency
  • One product is suitable for all oils
  • No sagging phenomena.
  • Significant reduction of mechanical friction
  • Prevention of cold start damage
  • Prevention of water and condensation damage (seasonal machines)
  • Resistant to extremely heavy, prolonged load
  • Resistant to extreme point load
  • Noise level (dB) reduction
  • Compatible with wet brakes and lock version
  • Very economical in use (3% addition)
  • Resistant to extreme high and low temperatures
  • Reduced friction (resistance) in engines and machines
  • Extended life
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Extended drain intervals
  • Reduction of mechanical wear / failures
  • Reduces friction temperature
  • Savings on fuel / energy
  • Cold start is significantly smoother
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Prevents burning of (brake) lining material
  • Proven increase machine efficiency

With DiTOIL® additive in 2901 u will benefit the following advantages:


DiTOIL® additive 2901 is a Dutch oil product and can be used with all common oils (mineral and synthetic) of engines – diesel and petrol / 2 and 4-stroke / common-rail or turbines- and is suitable for manual gearboxes, axes (also with wet brakes and lock version), power steering, gearboxes, hydraulic systems; in other words any vehicle or machine where lubricant is applied.

DiTOIL® additive 2901 achieves by direct mixing with the oil present  a lower friction. The product will react very quickly by the creating an oil film layer with the existing lubricants between the metal surfaces.

Exceptions are applications where 100% grip is required for the propelling thrust with lining material, such as automatic transmissions and wet clutches.


DiTOIL® additive 2901is extremely concentrated. By only 3% addition of the total oil content (each renewal of the oil) you will benefit from the high lubricating properties. Under extreme heavy loads, in consultation the percentage may be increased (under extreme load for motor sports will be refilled up to 20%). For specific advice on specific applications please contact us.

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