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“Workman’s Best Friend”


DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 is a high quality multipurpose lubricant and penetrating oil with very powerful features. A balanced mix of anti-corrosion additives, moisture applicators, adhesion and lubrication improvers is added to make. DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 the best multipurpose lubricant and penetrating oil. DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 is workman’s best friend.

The application lubricates, crawls, cleans, while almost dries but remains lubricated. Because of this, dust and dirt  get much less grip. Also, DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 is for 100% water resistant, heat resistant and salts and acids have substantially no influence on the lubricity effect. The viscosity of DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 is similar to water so that it is economical to use; Excessive application is absolutely not necessary. DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 is suitable as a multi-purpose penetrating oil and is characterized as an all-purpose lubricant for all industries.


Lubricants are yet to be fully understood as it is going to pick up environmental objectives. However DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 fits perfectly in a sustainable and environmentally friendly use of engines and machines. By DiTOIL’s intensive research and development, all products have a positive impact on energy consumption, maintenance frequency and lifetime. Additionally resulted in less friction and reduces noise

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Fast and effective penetration
  • Enables rusted / oxidized components
  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Dissolves rust, dirt and fat
  • Prevents further corrosion
  • Contains no graphite or MOS2
  • Resident to water, salt and acid
  • Can be used as cutting oil
  • High lubricating effect
  • Long life of your locks, chains, hinges and spindles etc..
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent protection against weather, dust, dirt, salts and acids
  • Very economical in use


DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 is because of its high crawling, adhesive and lubricating effect applicable on:

  • Penetrating Oil: make all stubborn components loose
  • Chain Spray lubricates by creeping action in- and outside of the chain
  • Hinges-, spindles-, locks spray: almost dry, but still remains lubricating, does not attract dirt and dust.
  • Is 100% water, acid and salt resistant
  • Hedge Shears Spray
  • Cutting oil

DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 is a sustainable universal lubricant deployed in places where various traditional aerosol products are used.


DiTOIL® sprayman 2810 is designed for minimal use, excessive lubricating is absolutely not necessary. When used to penetrate into the a part as penetrating oil wait to loosen materials (use the application several times at extremely jammed parts).

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