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“Wonder of Tribology”

Sophisticated and accurate lubricating due to high concentrations and dispensing needle


DiTOIL® pointer 1309 is due to its small package size and unique dosing needle extremely easy to handle lubricating product. This product owes its extremely high lubricating properties by a concentrated blend of patented additives. This will allow a drop to create a complete and long-lasting lubricating film layer. Thanks to the ingenious steel dosing needle (flexible and beveled), you can apply the product extremely accurate and with a minimal dosage.


Lubricants are yet to be fully understood as it is going to pick up environmental objectives. However DiTOIL® grease 1712 EP fits perfectly in a sustainable and environmentally friendly use of engines and machines. By DiTOIL’s intensive research and development, all products have a positive impact on energy consumption, maintenance frequency and lifetime. Additionally resulted in less friction and reduces noise.


  • Minimal dosage
  • Maximum lubrication
  • Long-term effects
  • Very accurate dosing
  • Lubricate hard to reach areas
  • Use on a variety of materials
  • Resistant to pressure load, high temperature, fluids and acids
  • Protection against external influences



DiTOIL® pointer 1309 is suitable for almost all machines and devices with sophisticated moving parts. Also these small parts can get a hard time under the influence of pressure, temperature, friction, dust, or high speed. DiTOIL® pointer 1309 tolerates the most extreme high pressure loads, temperature, fluids, salts and acids. DiTOIL® pointer 1309 is also suitable for use on all types of specialist materials such as stainless steel, titanium, precious metals, lead, copper, bronze and aluminium. DiTOIL® pointer 1309 delivers maximum lubrication with the use of  minimum dosage (even in hard to reach places).



Because this product is extremely concentrated minimal dose will suffice. Applying a small drop on the parts to be lubricated with the dispensing needle is enough. If required you move the parts a few times or at low speed move to divide the lubrication. The device is ready for use and long-lasting protection against friction and external influences such as oxidation and (liquid) substance.

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