Food Grade Grease 0701

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From the creators of “Blue Grease”

Complies with NSF H1 registration, NSF Registration No. 145755, EP 2 / NLGI 2 CERTIFICATION


DiTOIL® food grade grease 0701 is a high performance grease. The application behaves exceptionally well in situations where a wide temperature range is required, the grease should be resistant to water washout and high performance EP. Thanks to the advanced thickening formula and patented composition DiTOIL® food grade grease 0701 provides an excellent, long-lasting lubrication and unsurpassed resistance to extreme pressure load and corrosion. Even in the presence of water, salts or acids DiTOIL® food grade grease 0701 retains its high mechanical stability. the aplication adheres perfectly to all materials which protects it optimally. This lubricant contains NO heavy metals or other environmentally harmful additives.


Lubricants are yet to be fully understood as it is going to pick up environmental objectives. However, DiTOIL® grease 0701 EP fits perfectly in a sustainable and environmentally friendly use of engines and machines. By DiTOIL’s intensive research and development, all products have a positive impact on energy consumption, maintenance frequency and lifetime. Additionally resulted in less friction and reduces noise.


  • Resistant to extremely heavy, prolonged load
  • Resistant to extreme point load
  • Noise level (dB) reduction
  • Resistant to extreme high temperatures> 204°C
  • High melting point> 165°C
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures -35°C
  • Protection against rust and oxidation
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Stable viscosity of -35°C to 155°C
  • Drop point> 300°C
  • 100% of water, salt and acid resistant
  • Non toxic
  • Taste free
  • Kosher, pareve
  • stain free
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent protection under extreme conditions
  • More efficient with friction provides energy savings and extends equipment lifetime
  • To bring a very thin layer of grease is often enough
  • Very economical in use
  • Minimal curing
  • Minimal wear
  • Resistant to extremely heavy and extreme point load
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures > 200°C
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures < -40°C
  • Viscosity of -40 to 300 ° C practically stable
  • Excellent adhesion
  • 100% water – salt and acid resistant
  • No clogged grease fittings and pipes
  • Winter and summer easy to handle
  • Simply applied as materials are wet
  • Waterproof
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly



  • Food processing industry
  • industrial sector
  • Meat processing
  • Bakeries
  • Transshipment companies & terminals
  • Agriculture sector
  • contractor companies
  • Animal feed industry
  • Waterworks
  • Children Playgrounds or locations

DiTOIL® food grade grease 0701 can be used from an operating temperature from – 30°C to + 200°C and the product has a technical range of -40°C to + 204°C

DiTOIL® food  grade grease 0701 serves as lubricant for bearings, high temperature grease, waterproof lubricant connecting pins grease and grease for electric motors. DiTOIL® food  grade grease 0701 even to use in (salt) water. Especially recommended for general lubrication of bearings, open gears and transmissions, axles, guides, motors, fans, shafts, crown wheels, spindles, ball-and-socket joint, valves, seals and many other moving parts. Lubrication frequency depends on your equipment and usage.


Apply a thin layer of grease to the moving parts. Lubrication divides by movement of the parts. If necessary, apply extra DiTOIL® food  grade grease 0701.

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