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The Bleu Grease” A reputation of superior quality!

NLGI 2/1/0/00 ASTM D4950



The balanced poly-urea based DiTOIL® grease EP 1712 owes its superior performance to a structure of high quality raw materials and exclusive additives. Designed for use in extreme environments where other greases are inadequate: prolonged pressure stress, high temperatures, humidity and acidic environments, saltwater, extreme cold and long lubrication intervals.

The stable viscosity between -30˚C to 165°C makes DiTOIL® grease 1712, summer and winter, easy to process. Advanced thickening formula and patented composition ensure outstanding performance and excellent adhesion on all materials.  DiTOIL® grease EP 1712 provides outstanding protection against rust and oxidation. With his excellent lubrication, minimal maintenance and long life of your machinery and tools the product fits in a responsible sustainable use of lubricants.


Lubricants are yet to be fully understood as it is going to pick up environmental objectives. However DiTOIL® grease 1712 EP fits perfectly in a sustainable and environmentally friendly use of engines and machines. By DiTOIL’s intensive research and development, all products have a positive impact on energy consumption, maintenance frequency and lifetime. Additionally resulted in less friction and reduces noise


  • Resistant to extremely heavy, prolonged load
  • Resistant to extreme point load
  • Noise level (dB) reduction
  • Resistant to extreme high temperatures> 210°C
  • High melting point> 165°C
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures <-40 ° C
  • Protection against rust and oxidation
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Stable viscosity of -30°C to 165°C
  • Drop point> 260°C
  • 100% of water, salt and acid resistant
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent protection under extreme conditions
  • More efficient with friction provides energy savings
  • To bring a very thin layer of grease is often enough
  • Very economical in use
  • Minimal curing
  • Minimal wear
  • Resistant to extremely heavy and extreme point load
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures > 200°C
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures < -40°C
  • Viscosity of -40 to 300°C practically stable
  • Excellent adhesion
  • 100% water – salt and acid resistant
  • No clogged grease fittings and pipes
  • Winter and summer easy to handle
  • Simply applied as materials are wet
  • Waterproof
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly



Applicable in normal and (extremely) heavy machinery, such as:

  • Industrial sector
  • Agricultural sector
  • Asphalt Processing
  • Concrete Industry
  • Groundwork and contractor companies
  • Recycling and demolition Companies
  • Animal Feed
  • Transport
  • Dredging Companies
  • Transshipment terminals
  • Waterworks
  • Off-shore

DiTOIL® grease 1712EP serves as lubricant for wheel bearings, high temperature grease (> 200°C), waterproof lubricant,  connecting pins grease and grease for electric motors. DiTOIL® 1712 EP grease even to use in (salt) water. Especially recommended for general lubrication of bearings, open gears and transmissions, axles, guides, motors, fans, shafts, crown wheels, spindles, ball-and-socket joint, valves, seals and many other moving parts.


Apply a thin layer of grease to the moving parts. Lubrication divides by movement of the parts. If necessary, apply extra DiTOIL® grease 1712EP

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