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In this “How To”, we will show you the installation process of the side door window guards that we sell. We install them on the second row door of the 110, however this process can be repeated on each door.

You will need, among other things, our side door window guards, the rivnuts and bolts, and a metal drill size 9 (you can use size 8 first if you want).

First, clean the area where you need to drill.

Secondly, tape the area that requires the drilling. This prevents scratces and makes it easier to mark the holes.

Next, position the window guard with the brackets on the window to determine where the holes need to go. Mark them with a pencil. Don’t mark the top or bottom hole yet. Just do the middle holes first where the brackets will go.

Drill the hole and use a ‘touch up pencil’ (in the color of your car) to touch the hole, which seals it.

You can also use a special head on the drillmachine to make the hole’s edges smooth.

After this, you will need a blind rivnut device like the one on the right. You can also use a method with bolts, for this please google.

In the end make sure the blind rivnut is like the picture on the right. You can also paint this one with the pencil.

Attach 1 bracket, and slide the window guard over it. Fit the second bracket and fasten them all with the bolts. Now the window guard is fastened. Only the top and bottem hole remains.

Mark, drill, paint, and fix the blind rivnut for the top and bottom hole.

Finally, fix the guard in the top position (or bottom) with a bolt of your choice, make sure it is long enough to fix properly. We chose a butterfly type, but others are possible to (secure options or flat ones).

Now, repeat these steps for the other door/doors.