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Received the Marsland chassis

By June 24, 2014November 27th, 2015Rebuild Defender 90, Uncategorized

New Marsland chassis

Last week I have received the all new Marsland Chassis. It looks absolutely amazing! All shiny, no dents, scratches or rust anywhere! Soon we can start rebuilding the car. It will be given a nice black colour and then we can start making it a “rolling” chassis. The axles are going to be sandblasted and also painted black, welding some new parts on since some parts are rusted away. Refurbishing the front brakes and put new disk brakes on the back. Then some temporary wheels on and fitting the springs between the chassis and axle and it will roll!


No doubt about it, it’s from Marsland.


Back side


Front axle with some repair work.


The previous chassis with engine.