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May 2014

Ordered the new chassis

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As said before we had to buy a new chassis. Last week we ordered the new Marsland chassis from a local workshop Sons4x4 in Sint-Oedenrode, Netherlands. He is going to pick it up in the second week of June, so we should have it by the third. Then we can really begin the process of rebuilding the car. One of the first things will be to paint the chassis. The galvanized chassis wont stay shiny for very long once in use and to protect it even more we will either put black component spray or bedliner on it.

In the next few weeks we are quite busy, so next update will be in June.

Image of the new chassis

Taking the 90 down

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In the past few months we have slowly taken everything of the 90. The previous owner stated that the chassis was alright with some minor welding spots. However, having stripped everything of and seeing the bare chassis we knew that it would require a new one. Yesterday the 21st of May 2014 the RDW (the Dutch road authority) came to the 90 to see the car and tag it so we can buy a new chassis. And once the car is rebuild we can go to them and have the chassis number engraved again.

Defender 90 project (147) Defender 90 project (287) Defender 90 project (304) Defender 90 project (346)

Land Rover Defender 90 project

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My boyfriend already owns 2 Land Rovers and slowly it grew on my to buy my own and then totally restore it for expedition use. In December 2013 I bought my first Land Rover Defender 90. From the start it was clear we wanted to rebuild the whole car from scratch, reusing parts that where still ok, buying or upgrading the rest. Since I also learned a lot from other people’s blogs and through forums, I wanted to do the same and maybe help someone with their project. It is also nice to see a written result for my self and remembering how it all came along.
The main photo is my car in the old condition. The grill and hood have already been sold. However I forgot to make better photo’s in the beginning.
I will post regular updates on the status of the rebuild project. Hopefully you enjoy it and find it useful.