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Introducing POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer: The Ultimate Solution for Impervious Fuel Tank Protection!

POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer was meticulously formulated and developed in response to the growing demand for a cutting-edge sealer capable of withstanding all fuels, including the new Stage II fuels with high alcohol content. With superior strength and fuel resistance, this advanced sealer ensures unbeatable performance, and what’s more, it is free from Methyl Ethyl Ketone, a highly flammable and hazardous carcinogen (known to cause cancer). Rest assured, POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer is non-flammable and environmentally safe, prioritizing your safety and the environment.

Key Features:

Resistant to All Fuels, Alcohol, Additives & Solvents: No matter what fuel type you use, POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer stands up to the challenge. Its resilience extends to alcohol, additives, and various solvents, ensuring your fuel tank remains impeccably sealed and protected.

Stops Rust, Corrosion & Leaks Permanently: Bid farewell to rust and corrosion with POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer’s remarkable ability to halt their progress permanently. Say goodbye to leaks and welcome a fuel tank that remains strong and reliable over time.

Seals Pinholes & Seams – POR-15® TOUGH! POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer doesn’t shy away from pinholes and seams. Its tenacious nature means it seals these imperfections effectively, leaving you with a tank that’s as tough as the product itself.

Chemically Bonds to Metal Surfaces (Even Rusted): No need to worry about the condition of your tank. POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer chemically bonds to metal surfaces, even those with rust, ensuring a secure and lasting seal.

Permanently Flexible: The sealer’s flexibility guarantees long-term performance, adapting to the natural movements of your fuel tank without compromising its integrity.

Light Gray Color for Easier Viewing Inside the Tank: With its light gray color, inspecting the interior of your tank becomes hassle-free, allowing you to assess its condition effortlessly.

Available in different sizes:

  • 236ml – Suitable for a 20-liter tank
  • 473ml – Ideal for a 45-liter tank
  • 946ml – Perfect for a 90-liter tank

Before applying the sealer, ensure proper tank cleaning. You can utilize your preferred products or opt for the Metal Prep and Cleaner Degreaser from Por15 for optimal results.

Note: As with any product, always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety instructions when using POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer.

Safeguard your fuel tank with the industry-leading sealer that goes above and beyond to protect what matters most.



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