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Painting the new chassis

By november 5, 2014december 28th, 2015Geen onderdeel van een categorie, Rebuild Defender 90

Chassis painted


Underside still needs to be done


Front underside of the chassis

After our vacation I started painting the new chassis. It took way longer than I expected it to take. With only one person and a small brush it took about 3 hours+ to paint it once, second coat was a bit faster, about 2 hours. But since we couldn’t put the chassis at such a height that it could be painted at once, I had to do the bottom part later. Took also about 1,5 hours, so now I’m done painting it.

So that’s finished, just the rear cross member will be sprayed in the final car color later on. Also painted some other minor stuff, just to work ahead.


Crossmember got some paining as well











Test Fitting

We also started preparing the axles so we can have a rolling chassis. Almost finished both sides of the hubs, swivel pin housings and disc brakes. Almost all parts are new or have been sand blasted. Also brought both differentials to Barten4x4 in Veghel. He did an excellent job refurbishing the old 10 splines diffs, so they can take a couple of miles again. Next couple of weeks will be rebuilding the axles so they are fully ready again, fit some springs (just for the meantime) and get our self a rolling chassis.


test fitting