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Extra-pigment ENGINE ENAMELS have been formulated by RestoMotive Laboratories to be the best and most beautiful engine enamels you can buy.

Enamels are available in incredibly rich colors that flow easily, cover better than any other paint, and last longer. Our enamels are non-flammable and conform to even the strictest California environmental standards. We invite you to compare them with any other product and you’ll see what we mean.

This engine enamel from POR-15 is different from other engine enamels on the market. Compare ours to others you’ve used, and you’ll find that it covers better, has superior depth and clarity, brilliant color and gloss. No primer is required, just be sure your engine is clean and grease-free before painting.

Typically, 473ml is enough for an entire engine. At the bottom you will find the different colors that are available. They are brighter than they appear on the chart. (see photos on the left)

Average delivery time is 1 week.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This product is formulated to be the finest engine paint available, with a richness and depth of color unsurpassed by any other paint of its type. The finest pigments and color ingredients have been used in sufficient quantities to insure a composition of 80% solids, which means more paint on your engine and less solvent dissipated into the atmosphere.

Surface Preparation: Surfaces to be coated must be free of grease, oil, grit, rust, and other foreign material that might impede proper adhesion. Rough surfaces on engine castings or other cast iron need no further preparation, but smooth surfaces, especially shiny smooth surfaces, should be treated with POR-15® Metal-Ready before painting. Do not use this product to coat exhaust systems.
Application: Apply in well-ventilated area only. Ideal ambient temperature for application is 22 C, but an acceptable temperature range is between 12- 28 C. Mix POR-15® Engine Enamels by stirring only. Do not shake.
Thinning Ratio: Do not thin more than 20% (1 part thinner to 5 parts enamel). Thin with POR15 solvent. POR-15® Engine Enamels can usually be brushed without thinning. A full coat will cover completely with excellent color depth. If a second coat is desired, wait 24 hours before topcoating.
Dry Time: Allow 8 hours for enamel to dry tack-free. Wait 4-6 days before starting engine.

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