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juli 2014

Off to the sandblaster

By Geen onderdeel van een categorie, Rebuild Defender 90

Yesterday we brought the 2 axles, the inner wings and the bulkhead to the sandblaster. At the end of the week we can probably pick it up. After that we can fix and weld some bad spots and brackets on the axles. Weld in some new foot wells on the bulkhead. Then we will have it all galvanized except for the axles.

Today I also bought some new parts for the axles, new brake discs, pads and seals. That way we can really finish the axles, paint them and get them under the chassis so we have a rolling one.

Also I have decided to make a separate album for all the photo’s since this space it not big enough to show all the photo’s. You can have a look at: Photo Album

Parts at the sandblaster

Parts at the sandblaster