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And the parts have returned

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All paint is gone

Front Axle

Also this one has cleaned up pretty

Today we picked up the parts at our sandblaster. Hans from Habraken Straalbedrijf in Best did a great job. The paint on the bulkhead was first thermally removed. Then everything was sandblasted. Because the rust and paint is now gone you can really see the weak spots. There are a couple, but it isn’t bad. This week we will start most of the welding on the axles, bulkheads and inner wings.

Rear Axle

And the rear axle as well

Inner wings

Inner wings are looking good

Some more photos can be seen in the link on the previous post. 

Off to the sandblaster

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Yesterday we brought the 2 axles, the inner wings and the bulkhead to the sandblaster. At the end of the week we can probably pick it up. After that we can fix and weld some bad spots and brackets on the axles. Weld in some new foot wells on the bulkhead. Then we will have it all galvanized except for the axles.

Today I also bought some new parts for the axles, new brake discs, pads and seals. That way we can really finish the axles, paint them and get them under the chassis so we have a rolling one.

Also I have decided to make a separate album for all the photo’s since this space it not big enough to show all the photo’s. You can have a look at: Photo Album

Parts at the sandblaster

Parts at the sandblaster

Received the Marsland chassis

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New Marsland chassis

Last week I have received the all new Marsland Chassis. It looks absolutely amazing! All shiny, no dents, scratches or rust anywhere! Soon we can start rebuilding the car. It will be given a nice black colour and then we can start making it a “rolling” chassis. The axles are going to be sandblasted and also painted black, welding some new parts on since some parts are rusted away. Refurbishing the front brakes and put new disk brakes on the back. Then some temporary wheels on and fitting the springs between the chassis and axle and it will roll!


No doubt about it, it’s from Marsland.


Back side


Front axle with some repair work.


The previous chassis with engine.

Ordered the new chassis

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As said before we had to buy a new chassis. Last week we ordered the new Marsland chassis from a local workshop Sons4x4 in Sint-Oedenrode, Netherlands. He is going to pick it up in the second week of June, so we should have it by the third. Then we can really begin the process of rebuilding the car. One of the first things will be to paint the chassis. The galvanized chassis wont stay shiny for very long once in use and to protect it even more we will either put black component spray or bedliner on it.

In the next few weeks we are quite busy, so next update will be in June.

Image of the new chassis

Taking the 90 down

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In the past few months we have slowly taken everything of the 90. The previous owner stated that the chassis was alright with some minor welding spots. However, having stripped everything of and seeing the bare chassis we knew that it would require a new one. Yesterday the 21st of May 2014 the RDW (the Dutch road authority) came to the 90 to see the car and tag it so we can buy a new chassis. And once the car is rebuild we can go to them and have the chassis number engraved again.

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